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VIEW THE FIRST CHALLENGE CHALLENGE, especially if your name is Scott Haden!


This should be fun! Here is how it works:

Step 1:

Someone challenges you to complete a physical goal...maybe climb Battle Mountain to the towers; walk the length of the Freedom Trail; run a 5K; do 25 pushups, etc.

Step 2:

You accept the challenge and complete it—with witnesses, please. If you do not accept, your challenger will expect you to donate a stated amount to ChallengeHS.

Step 3:  

Once you have accepted and completed the physical challenge, you qualify to challenge someone else. Imagine the possibilities!

The Rules:

1) Once this gets started, you won't be able to challenge someone until you have been challenged yourself and completed the PHYSICAL challenge option. (In a blatant violation of our own rules, we will prime the pump with some well-chosen sneak attacks on people you probably know.)

2) You may only make a challenge once a year, and you can only be challenged once a year.

3)  You can choose to make the donation instead of performing the physical feat, and your donation will be greatly appreciated and rewarded with our undying love and honor, but it will not earn you challenging rights.

4) If you know that you simply cannot perform the feat (perhaps you just had a knee replaced and the task would be dangerous or impossible) you may negotiate with your challenger and the director for a more reasonable feat. "The dog ate my challenge" is not an acceptable negotiating tactic.

5) Regardless of negotiation, all challenges should be—well—challenging. They must also, however, be reasonable. For example, you cannot ask Dusty to run or walk 100 miles, but you can challenge her to walk..umm....a bunch of miles. 

6) The alternative donation must also be reasonable. 

7) All challenges must be pre-approved by the Challenge director. 

8) Challenge Finishers and Donors will be honored on our Facebook page, The Challenge Challenge; however, the Finishers will be honored most vociferously! This means, of course, they will be world famous, so let's not waste any time!

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